WebLog Expert can use geolocation databases to show statistics on visitor countries, states, cities and organizations. Version 8.6 and newer supports MaxMind GeoIP/GeoLite (.dat) and GeoIP2/GeoLite2 (.mmdb) databases, while version 8.5 and older supports GeoIP/GeoLite databases only.

  Country/City/State Database

WebLog Expert 8.6 and newer comes with the GeoLite City or GeoLite2 City database that includes information on countries, states and cities. Older versions of the program came with the GeoLite Country database, while they also supported the city database. If you use version 8.6 or newer, you can download the latest city database (containing the GeoLite2 City database) and install it.

You can also use the GeoIP/GeoIP2 City database from MaxMind instead of the city database provided with the program. You can choose the database in WebLog Expert 8.6 or newer as the country/state/city database in Options > Analysis > Geolocation > Choose Geolocation Databases.

  Organization Database

It is possible to use the GeoIP2 ISP database from MaxMind with WebLog Expert 8.6 or newer to get reports on organizations (the GeoIP2 ISP database contains both ISP and organization data). If you purchase the database, you will get the GeoIP2-ISP.mmdb file that is to be chosen as the organization database in Options > Analysis > Geolocation > Choose Geolocation Databases.


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